An expanded meeting in Hodeidah discusses ways to strengthen community efforts to communicate with deceived people

Today, Wednesday, the local authority in Bajil District, Hodeidah Governorate, organized the expanded meeting of the committees to receive returnees and those deceived to the homeland.

The meeting reviewed ways to enhance societal efforts to communicate with the deceived, and to invite them to return to the homeland, and to benefit from the general amnesty decision.

In the meeting, in the presence of a member of the Shura Council, Ibrahim Mazariah, the governor of the governorate, Chairman of the Main Committee, Muhammad Ayyash Qahim, praised the efforts of the Main Committee and the positive interaction of the leadership of the local authority, sheikhs, dignitaries and dignitaries of the Directorate, and their keenness to make the committee’s work successful in facilitating the return of the deceived.

تليقرام انصار الله
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