Breaking Defense: Israel’s Iron Dome will not Protect Saudi Arabia from Yemen Attacks

The American Breaking Defense magazine said that Saudi Arabia has contacted the Israeli entity about the possibility of buying Israeli-made missile defense systems, especially after the American system failed to confront the missile attacks and Yemeni Drones.

The Magazine, which is interested in defense studies, added that an Israeli source confirmed that Saudi interest in Israeli missile defense systems had reached a very serious stage regarding the purchase of Iron Dome.

The website confirmed that this decision came after the removal of the American missile systems that Kingdom has relied on for a long time.

It explained that Saudi Arabia is studying the alternatives available to it from Chinese, Russian and Israeli systems, and is also studying in particular either the Iron Dome system or the Barak ER system, which is designed to intercept short-range cruise missiles.

The website stated that such a deal would be realistic if Riyadh and Tel Aviv were able to secure Washington’s approval of it.

Observers saw that the possibility of the purchase came at a time when the US-Saudi interception systems have long failed in face of the retaliatory strikes launched by Yemen.

They stressed that countless Yemeni missiles and planes bypassed the American systems developed with the latest technologies over the past seven years, as Yemen was defending itself against a Saudi-led war.

They added that Riyadh’s acquisition of Israeli equipment came at a time when the war killed tens of thousands of Yemenis, while it did not consistently achieve its stated goals, including restoring power in Yemen to the kingdom’s Allies.

Yemen promised to respond in kind to any direct or indirect Israeli efforts to target the country, and pledged to stand by the resistance factions in the region.

Military experts also point out that even with the potential purchase of Israeli equipment, Riyadh may still be unable to protect itself from Yemen’s retaliation.

They cite several cases, when the Israeli entity’s “Iron Dome” missile system failed to intercept the rockets fired towards the occupied territories in May, when Palestinian resistance movements were responding to an Israeli war with about 4,000 missiles.

Source: Websites.

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