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The Defense Minister visits Raghwan Front and affirms, “The invaders are weak , and the right-holders are the strong ones on the soil of their homeland

The Minister of Defense, Major General Muhammad Nasser al-Atifi, affirmed that the victories achieved by the army and the popular committees , especially in Marib, embodied the will of the Yemeni people who made, still and will continue to make sacrifices until the liberation of all regions of Yemen from the colonial invaders.

The Minister of Defense, during his inspection visit to Raghwan Front in Marib governorate, and with him the Commander of the Sixth Military Region, Major General Jamil Zara, conveyed greetings and congratulations from the revolutionary leadership and the Supreme Political Council.He congratulated them on their great victories against the forces of aggression and its mercenaries.

He said, “It is impossible for the Yemenis, with their ancient history of struggle, and civilization, to accept the invaders and occupiers, no matter how much the occupiers have military and material capabilities,” stressing that the invaders are in a weak position, and the owners of the right are the strong ones on the soil of their homeland.

Major General Al-Atifi pointed out that the victories achieved were the outcomes of careful preparation during the stages of preparation for the offensive battle, which caused the enemy to panic and humiliate.

تليقرام انصار الله
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