Yemeni official reveals the violations of the aggression in Hodeidah and confirms, “They are capable of responding harshly, decisivlt”

Today, Monday, the Fifth Military Region discussed field developments in Hodeidah governorate regarding the aggression’s violations of the Sweden Agreement and the UN armistice on the western coast.

In the meeting, which was attended by the Deputy Chief of Staff, Major General Ali Al-Mushki, the region’s commander, Major General Youssef Al-Madani, and military leaders, the commander of the Fifth Military Region, Major General Youssef Al-Madani, revealed the total violations of the truce agreement on Hodeidah fronts since it was signed in Sweden, stressing that the forces of aggression committed More than 153,000 breaches resulted in thousands of dead and wounded.

He explained that among these violations were 2,292 violations by enemy warplanes and 10,019 violations by reconnaissance aircraft, during which more than 931 air raids were launched. He added that during this period the enemy fired 30,160 artillery shells, 1,089 missiles and more than 105091 shootings with various weapons.

Al-Madani said, “The forces of invasion and mercenary since the signing of the Sweden agreement until today have created 2,172 military fortifications, 873 gathering and mobilization operations were observed, and 112 operations to reinforce the units,” pointing out that the enemy forces tried to carry out more than 352 infiltration operations, and with God’s grace, all of them were thwarted.

Al-Madani pointed out that our forces were able, thanks to God, to defeat and repel 22 offensive operations in the various axes of Hodeidah since the Sweden agreement.

He stressed that the Yemeni armed forces will not remain idle, and children, women and men of Hodeidah are falling as dead as a result of the arrogance of the forces of aggression and their mercenaries.

Major General Al-Madani said: Today our enemy knows before the friend the extent of our ability, with the help of God, to respond harshly and decisivly .

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