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Mass rally in Dhamar to mark the seventh anniversary of September 21 revolution

Today, Tuesday, the city of Dhamar witnessed a massive mass rally to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the blessed September 21 revolution.

The participants in the march that started in front of Al-Saeed Mosque to Al-Thawra Square chanted slogans that expressed steadfastness and continued confronting aggression and arrogant forces.

During the march, Governor Muhammad Nasser al-Bakhiti stressed that the revolution expressed the will of the Yemeni people, and if it was not so, it would not have achieved this victory over the forces of aggression.

He pointed out that the revolution was characterized by its Quranic project led by Sayyed. Abdulmalik bin Badr al-Din al-Houthi, and it achieved the correct mandate, which is an extension of the mandate of God and His Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him.

He pointed out that the revolution won popularly and militarily because it was a revolution of truth against falsehood, which moved with all its might to launch aggression against Yemen for fear of the nation’s cause that the revolution bears in the face of the forces of arrogance.

And the governor of Dhamar indicated that the revolution has all the elements of continuity and survival, and whenever it receives a blow, it emerges from it the more powerful.

He said that targeting the revolution from abroad enables it to transcend borders, and the future of the relationship of the aggression countries with Yemen is linked to respect for the sovereignty and independence of Yemen, and we pledge to the Palestinian people to stand by them and their fair cause.

تليقرام انصار الله
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