The details of the security role in Freedom Dawn Operation revealed

A security source revealed that the operation was based on careful security and intelligence work, which contributed to resolve the battle to liberate the districts of Al-Soma and Musawara and purifying the remainder of the area of ​​Al-Bayda governorate from al-Qaeda and the Takfiri members associated with the US-Saudi aggression coalition, in record time.

The source explained in a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that the security services have enriched and corrected the data bank in an accurate manner on the number, spread, formations and headquarters of Takfiri organizations from Al-Qaeda and the Takfiri forces affiliated with Al-Sari’ Abu Othman Al-Mashdali, the leader of the Hazmieh Front and the mercenary forces in Al-Bayda governorate, Al-Soma’a and Musawah districts as the last point and the presence of these organizations in the province.

It pointed out that the security operation, which it described as a precursor to the operation provided detailed and accurate information to the army and the popular committees about the camps and headquarters of Takfiri members and mercenaries in Silo and Musawah , and provided integrated information about the names, leaders and elements of Takfiri groups and mercenaries in the two directorates.

The source added that the security operation continued to keep pace with the military effort and the attack of the army and the popular committees on the sites and fortifications of the Takfiri organizations and mercenaries in the districts of Al-Soma and Musawara in Al-Bayda governorate.

The security forces also carried out raids and combing operations for some sites and hideouts of Takfiri and mercenary groups during the military operation, which reduced the risks on the army and the popular committees and surprised the enemy forces.

The source pointed out that the security services seized documents, belts and explosive devices during the raids, as well as seized weapons and ammunition.

The source pointed out that the security operation continues as part of the efforts of the operation until the completion of the purification of the districts of Al-Soma, Musawah and the entire governorate from Takfiri members and access to all their hideouts that have not yet been revealed, noting that the security services are currently investigating a number of prisoners of Takfiri groups and mercenaries .

The source stated that the security services found a large amount of information and documents in the headquarters and camps of the Takfiri and mercenary groups, exposing their close association and work with the forces of the coalition of aggression on Yemen.

It stressed that the security services are continuing their role to support military action on the battle fronts against the coalition of aggression and its tools from al-Qaeda and Takfiri memebers, and are ready to strike with an iron fist anyone who is tempted to prejudice internal security and stability.

The source saluted the sacrifices of the martyrs, the wounded and the prisoners of the security and military institutions and the popular committees, and the steadfastness of the Yemeni people who are celebrating the seventh anniversary of September 21 revolution in the face of aggression and siege.

The source noted that there is a security supplement for security operations in the directorates of Al-Soma and Masoura in Al-Bayda , which will be released to the media.

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