Zakat Authority office in Hodeidah supports the dialysis center with 15,000 liters of diesel per month

The office of the General Authority for Zakat in Hodeidah launched the provision of 15,000 liters of diesel as a support for the dialysis center in Hodeidah.

In the inauguration, which was attended by the Director General of Economic Empowerment, Adel Abdul-Jabbar, the Director General of the Authority’s office in the governorate, Jamal Al-Hamiri, explained that the authority today provides 15,000 liters of diesel to the kidney failure center on a monthly basis, starting from September until the end of this year 2021 AD.

He valued the role of the medical staff working in the center and their continuous attempt to alleviate the suffering of patients with renal failure, despite the scarcity of capabilities and the difficult economic conditions of the country.He stressed that the authority will work hard to support the dialysis center and provide its needs by opening a charitable kitchen, in addition to providing monthly amounts to patients as an expense to help them in Alleviate their suffering exacerbated by the siege and aggression.

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