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The people of Hajjah present a convoy to support the Palestinian resistance

The people of Hajjah city presented the third batch of the al-Quds closes convoy, the financial support to the Palestinian people and resistance, with an amount of three million and 400 thousand riyals.

In a meeting, they affirmed that the Palestinian cause will remain the central issue, noting that presenting the third batch of the convoy confirms the firm position with the Palestinian people in their just cause.

The participants in the meeting denounced the continued aggression and siege on Yemen, stressing the importance of mobilizing the fronts and providing them with more convoys of men and money.

They pointed out the necessity of celebrating the birth anniversary of the greatest Messenger, the prophet Mohammed PBUH, imitate his life and embody the relationship that binds the people of Yemen to this great messenger.

تليقرام انصار الله
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