Foreign Minister: American Interests in Charge of Stopping the Aggression on Yemen

The Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Government of National Salvation, M. Hisham Sharaf, commented on the statements of the US State Department, explaining that American interests are in charge of the decision of the Saudi coalition to stop the aggression on Yemen. He stressed that the continuation of warplanes bombing Yemeni lands does not reflect the sincerity of intentions towards peace.

Minister Sharaf told Al Masirah TV: their attitude in Sanaa is firm, and informed the international bodies and the United Nations have informed of their refusal to link the humanitarian file to political and military files if there is seriousness to establish peace.

He explained that the attempts by Blinken, Sullivan and Lindinger to delude the world that Sanaa is complicating the path to peace are miserable, noting that the aggression against Yemen was announced by Saudi Arabia from the White House lawn and is taking place with American participation.

He pointed out that the support of the warplanes of the aggression to al-Qaeda in al-Bayda is evidence of the grayness of the American standards in dealing with so-called terrorism.

Minister Sharaf confirmed that there is a great diplomatic openness to Sana’a, and the coming days are full of many changes regarding this aspect.

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