The Head of The National Delegation Comments On The American Demands to Open Corridors for Al-Qaeda ,ISIS Fighters in Marib

Quting from almasirah, the head of the Negotiating Delegation confirmed Saturday that the United Nations and international parties are exaggerating in their media about their keenness to deliver humanitarian aid to Abdiya district of Marib province, while they are not serious about finding humanitarian solutions.

Mohamed Abdulsalam wrote on Twitter: “We have previously informed the United Nations and international bodies that we welcome the entry of humanitarian aid into the Abdiya district, however, they are not serious about finding effective humanitarian solutions, as is the case in all of Yemen, which has been besieged for seven years.”

“We affirm that the way is open to those who actually wanted to provide humanitarian assistance,” he added.

He stressed that “the clashes that Abdiya witnessed were with al-Qaeda and Daesh members that are linked to the forces of US-Saudi aggression, and the Yemeni Army fulfilled its duty to secure the district.”

The spokesman for the Salvation Government and Minister of Information, Daif Allah Al-Shami, had announced the lifting of the siege on the citizens who were used by the Takfiri groups and the forces of aggression as human shields in the district of Abdiya .

He said in a post on “Facebook”: “we informed the UN envoy that there is no longer a need to lament over what they announced the siege of Abdiya in Marib. We broke the siege and rescued the citizens who were used as human shields.”

A comprehensive negotiated political settlement is needed to end the violence in Yemen “once and for all”, UN Special Envoy Hans Grundberg told the Security Council on Thursday.

On October 8, the Salvation Government said, “We offered Hadi and the coalition forces a safe exit from Abdiya in Marib,” confirming that they imposed a siege on the forces of the US-Saudi aggression, al-Qaeda and the Islah party in Abdiya district after taking control of Harib Bayhan district, southeast of Marib.

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