Obbad and al-Madani briefed on the preparations at Mawlid Al-Nabawi event square, in Al-Saba’een

On Saturday, Mayor of the Capital, Hammoud Abbad, and Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Prophet’s Birthday, Khaled Al-Madani, inspected the final arrangements and equipment in the central celebration square.

Al-Madani, confirmed that the preparations were early this year, pointing out that “more than 13,000 organizers are close to completing their work to receive the guests of the Messenger of Allah.”

The capital mayor, Hamoud Obad, expected an unprecedented attendance of the participants in the event in the Al-Sabaeen Square, twice as many as the participants in last year.

For his part, head of the organizing committee in Al-Sabaeen Square, Ali Al-Saqqaf, indicated that the celebration area was expanded this year from the north and south of the Square, and five new parking lots were added to receive the largest crowd of participants.


تليقرام انصار الله
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