Protests in Mukalla, Hadramout,for the Second Day, in Refusal to Deteriorate Economic Conditions

Hundreds of angry protesters went out today, Tuesday, in protests condemning the deteriorating economic conditions and demanding the departure of the forces of the aggression coalition and the mercenary government.

Local sources said that angry protesters blocked the main streets in Mukalla, demanding the departure of the coalition forces and the mercenary government.They added that, since the early morning hours, protesters blocked the main streets in the city of Mukalla, calling for an end to the high prices of oil derivatives and the provision of basic services.

The sources pointed out that Mukalla witnessed a complete paralysis of government and private institutions and facilities, and a strike by the Transport and Communications Syndicate in the coast of Hadramout.They denounced the collapse of the currency and the rise in prices as a result of the wrong policies pursued by the mercenary government, which negatively affected the price of the currency.

The protesters stressed that they will continue to escalate until all demands are met.

It is worth noting that the mercenary government began yesterday with measures in its efforts to impose a new dose of oil on the exhausted citizens in Hadhramaut governorate. Local sources confirmed that the stations selling oil derivatives in the coast of Hadramout raised the price of a liter of gasoline to a thousand Yemeni riyals, an increase of 400 riyals,from the previous price, that is, the price of a 20-liter bear reached 20,000 riyals.

This dose comes days after a suffocating oil derivatives crisis in the coast of Hadhramaut inflicted new suffering on citizens, aggreviting their accumulated suffering. As a result of the deteriorating economic situation, the collapse of the currency and the lack of services, all of which come in the context of the economic war and the systematic policy of starvation that the forces of aggression are taking as a means to bring the Yemeni people to their knees.

The so-called “oil company” in the mercenary government announced, yesterday, Sunday, that it evaded its responsibility to support oil derivatives and control prices, giving the green light for the black market and derivatives dealers to control the prices of oil derivatives.

The areas under the control of the Saudi-American-Emirati occupation are in a state of popular upheaval due to its exclusionary and marginalization policies, imposing tragic living and humanitarian conditions on the people of those occupied areas and depriving them of the most basic services and necessities of life.

تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا