The Aggression Continues to Bombard Civilians in Saada ,Launches 20 Raids on Marib, Sanaa , Asir, and New Violations Recorded in Hodeida

Today, Tuesday, the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression launched 20 air raids on the capital, Sana’a, Marib and Asir.

A security source explained that the brutal aggression warplanes launched 9 raids on Al-Juba district and 7 raids on Serwah district in Marib governorate.

It also launched a raid on the western axis of Asir.

In Saada, three citizens were killed and 6 others were wounded, today, Tuesday, by the Saudi army’s fire in Munabbih district of Saada governorate.

At dawn today, the enemy’s warplanes launched 3 raids on the capital, Sana’a, targeting the residential neighborhood of al-Anab, north of the capital, causing damage to public and private properties.

A source indicated that the raids of the aggression warplanes east of the Saudi German Hospital on the North Sixty Street led to the burning of a plastic baskets factory for a Syrian citizen.

The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room to monitor violations of the aggression in Hodeidah governorate recorded 116 violations during the past 24 hours.

A source in the operations room explained that among the violations were an unsuccessful infiltration attempt in Hais, two raids by warplanes on Hais, 4 raids by spy planes on Hais and al-Jabaliya, 22 warplanes overflying al-Faza, al-Jabaliya, Hais, al-Jah and al-Tahita, and 31 spy planes over al-Jah al-Faza and al-Hays.

The source indicated that the violations also included 18 breaches by artillery shelling and 36 breaches by various bullets.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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