The Civil Aviation Authority Confirms that the Aggression Paves the Way for Targeting Sana’a International Airport by telling Lies , Rumors

The Undersecretary of the Civil Aviation Authority, Raed Jabal, confirmed that the coalition of aggression deliberately lies, misleads and falsifies facts about Sanaa Airport to justify its continued targeting.

Jabal said in a press statement that the allegations of the aggression coalition aim to stop the airport’s navigational movement and the services it provides to United Nations aircraft and international humanitarian organizations.

He said that “what the aggression is promoting these days is a prelude to targeting the remaining airport facilities after taking guarantees from the United Nations not to target it, as it is a civilian facility prohibited by international laws and agreements.”

The Deputy of the Aviation Authority explained that the video that was recently circulated by Al-Adwan channels is a video in the military airport next to the civil airport in Sana’a, and said: “Everyone knows this, like most airports in the world, including the airports of Abha and Jeddah, which the military airport is next to the civil airport, and this filming kept pace with the passage of time. The UN plane.

He pointed out that the United Nations flights arrive at Sanaa airport since the beginning of the aggression by three to five flights per day with complete flow, and no security or technical defect was recorded according to the testimony of the United Nations pilots and employees.

The Undersecretary of the Authority stated that the United Nations Resident Representative and Humanitarian Coordinator was briefed on the extent of the destruction inflicted on Sana’a Airport and the extent of its technical readiness and navigational services provided to UN aircraft and international humanitarian organizations in accordance with international conditions and requirements at international airports and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO

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