Security Forces Find a Quantity of Ammunition, Explosives Left by Takfiri Individuals in Al-Bayda

The police found a large quantity of various ammunitions and shells in Al-Soma’a district in Al-Bayda governorate, which the Takfiri individuals had hidden before they were pushed out of the district last September.

The police of the Directorate stated that ammunition and projectiles were hidden in a house in al_Somaa district, which was the headquarters of one of the individuals of the criminal takfiri group affiliated with the aggression.

It included a large amount of ammunition for light weapons, medium and heavy machine guns, anti-armor shells and various calibers of artillery shells.

The police of the Directorate indicated to the cooperation of sheikhs, dignitaries and citizens in the Al-Soma Directorate, who contributed significantly to purify the Directorate from the criminal takfiri individuals supported by the US-Saudi aggression, and revealed caches of weapons and explosives left by takfiris.

Al-Bayda governorate’s Police expressed its thanks and appreciation to everyone who works to establish security and stability in the governorate.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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