United States Established by Killing People All Around the World, Now Yemeni People

Since its founding more than 300 years ago, the United States of America is a country based on blood, wars and occupation of people and other countries.

Its establishment came at the expense of the indigenous people of America. Those criminals who came from Europe crushed the original inhabitants of America mercilessly and brought in slaves through human trafficking that was popular to build the land occupied by the new inhabitants of America.

America was expanded at the expense of its South American neighbor by occupying and plundering the wealth of most of the South American countries. It then grew as a transcontinental colonial country that was built on wars, occupation, and invasion.

Today, the Republic of Yemen is afflicted by the fires of this evil state through its unlimited support for the coalition countries militarily, politically and diplomatically, and its application of a land, sea and air blockade that paralyzed life in the country and negatively affected various aspects of life.

A country like the United States of America which was built on blood and human remains is not expected to do good things. It has a dark history that has left its aggressive imprints on various continents of the world since its establishment until today, and it is still practicing the same aggressive approach.

Millions of Yemeni people came out in the capital, Sana’a, and all other governorates, shouting a resounding cry against the aggressive US policy on the country and its unlimited support for the coalition of aggression through arms deals worth billions of dollars to destroy Yemen’s land and people.

Our Yemeni people and their political leadership have known the reality of this country that is governed by no law except the law of force, and they have known the diabolical games practiced by the US in various parts of the earth, and they have stood as an impenetrable dam in the face of American tyranny.

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تليقرام انصار الله
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