President praises Telecommunications Ministry’s efforts

President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi Al-Mashat on Sunday praised the role of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology and its efforts in maintaining the continuity of telecommunications services during the years of aggression.

During his meeting with Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology Eng. Misfer Al-Numair, President Al-Mashat urged the ministry to exert more efforts to develop its cadres and adopt measurement indicators in following up on plans and evaluating the level of implementation.

The matrix of directives of the President in developing the plan of the Ministry of Telecommunications and its affiliates for the year 2022 was reviewed during the meeting, in addition to the service projects in the areas of telecommunications infrastructure.

The meeting also touched on the most important challenges facing the telecommunications sector due to the blockade and aggression that destroyed large parts of the infrastructure of telecommunications networks and coverage sites.

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