Two Children Wounded by US-Saudi Explosive Remnants in Al-Tuhayta

Quting from almasirah, two children were injured Friday as a result of the explosion of remnant ammunition of the US-Saudi aggression in Al-Tuhayta district of Hodeidah governorate.
The landmines and other remnants of the US-Saudi mercenaries that they planted during their occupation, still pose a threat to the residents of many areas of the district, especially farms and roads.

Many areas in Yemen’s governorates are being bombarded by US-Saudi aggression with cluster bombs, while many of those internationally prohibited bombs are still scattered among farms and roads, and their victims are in the dozens.

In official statistics, 2,500 cluster, destructive, phosphorous and piercing bomb raids targeted nine governorates in the republic, foremost among which were US bombs like the CBU-87, British bombs like the BL755 and the Brazilian ASTROS II bombs.

Each of these weapons has its own properties and high impacts on humans and environment, which remain life threatening for a long period of time. This shows the scale of the disaster that befell Yemen as a result of these US, British and other weapons.

6,280 disabled persons are registered in the Artificial Limb Center records, as a result of direct raids or artillery shells and their remnants, including 100 children and more than 200 women

The number of disabled persons who reached the Limbs Center for physical therapy as a result of the aggression’s bombs is 6280, including those who lost limbs, two upper or lower limbs and some of them have lateral paralysis or partial paralysis in one of the limbs as a result of aerial bombardment or missiles and others.

These numbers showed who went to the center, however a lot did not go and their data have not been recorded.

All these crimes were committed by the US-Saudi Aggression with the participation of the United Nations, which have never condemned such crimes but rather accused the Yemenis of being violators of children’s rights.

تليقرام انصار الله
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