The Fight against Smuggling in Taiz Seizes 12 Million Riyals of Counterfeit, Illegal Currency

The anti-smuggling unit of the emergency forces in Taiz governorate seized 12 million and 165 thousand and 800 riyals of illegal, counterfeit and national currency while coming from the areas under the aggression’s control.

A statistic issued by the Anti-Smuggling Unit in the governorate stated that during the past week, 1,450,800 riyals of illegal currency, and 255 thousand riyals of counterfeit currency, denomination of one thousand riyals, encoded with the letter “D” printed by the aggression to harm the national economy, were seized. An amount of 10 million and 460 thousand riyals of the national currency while trying to enter the free governorates in an illegal manner and in violation of the Central Bank’s circular forbidding anyone to take more than 100 thousand riyals of the national currency.

The seized amounts were referred to the competent authorities

تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا