The Armed Forces Reveal the Details of Desert Dawn Operation in al-Jaw

Quting from YPA, the Spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces in Sanaa, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, on Wednesday revealed new details about the “Fajr Al-Sahra’a” operation, which led to the liberation of Jawf province.

Sarie said, during a press briefing today, the large-scale operation was carried out from several axes after defining the operational tasks. He pointed out that during the first hours, the Sanaa forces succeeded in confusing the enemy forces, who tried to push more mercenaries to the front lines.

The spokesman explained that the operation resulted in the liberation of a total area estimated at 1,300 square kilometers, and thus most of Jawf province had been liberated except for some desert areas.

He affirmed that the human losses of the Saudi-led coalition forces included 35 dead and 37 wounded, along with 45 captives.

The army forces and the popular committees were able to damage and burn 15 armored vehicles and seize large quantities of medium and light weapons, while the air defense units managed to shoot down an American-made plane of “Scan Eagle” type, according to the army spokesman.

The coalition aircraft launched more than 60 raids in an attempt to impede the progress of the army forces and the popular committees, to no avail.

The missile force and the air force participated in the liberation of Al-Yatama area along with various units with operations against military targets of the enemy inside and outside the country, Sarie added.

He confirmed that the tribes of Jawf actively participated in the liberation of the Al-Yatama, and they are constantly present in the battle for freedom and independence.

The army spokesman stressed that the Yemeni armed forces will reveal documents confirming Saudi Arabia’s intervention to prevent Yemenis from not only digging oil wells but even water wells.

He noted that the armed forces would reveal documents confirming Saudi Arabia’s intervention to prevent Yemenis from not only digging oil wells but even water wells.


In his press briefing, Brigadier General explained that many areas were subjected to enemy air raids, including the capital, Sanaa, Marib, Al-Jawf, Saada, Al-Hodeidah and other areas, where the number of raids during the past two weeks exceeded 500. He stressed that these air raids and this military escalation impose exceptional duties and tasks on the armed forces to respond to the committed crimes. He reiterated the Armed Forces’ affirmation of the appropriate response options to this escalation, whose failure would be the most prominent.

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