Armed Forces Reveal Achievements of military operations inside and in the Saudi depth during 2021

The Armed Forces revealed in a press conference, Sunday, the achievements of the Armed Forces during the year 2021.

The spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e pointed out that the Armed Forces has strengthened its military position within a comprehensive strategy based on several tracks, foremost of which is the liberation of more areas and the defeat of US-Saudi aggression and mercenaries.

He explained that the year 2020 and 2021 transitioned to qualitative offensive operations that led to the liberation of large areas of our country and the infliction of several losses on the enemy.

He stressed that the Yemeni military confirmed its great ability to confront the coalition of aggression, despite the big difference in material and armament capabilities.


Thwarting Infiltration Attempts

In his press conference, Brigadier General Sare’e confirmed that the US-Saudi aggression continued to launch raids on Yemen, as well as to impose a siege, in addition to its attempt, through its various military formations, to impose its control and occupation of several areas.

He explained that the US-Saudi offensive attempts were not stopped, our forces thwarted 223 offensive attempts and foiled 166 infiltration attempts.

Sare’e stressed that the aggression launched 7100 air raids targeting several areas, killing and injuring civilians, and destroying the infrastructure and property of citizens, explaining that the majority of these raids targeted Marib Governorate.


Armed Forces Operations

Brigadier-General Sare’e confirmed that the Armed Forces responded to the US-Saudi military escalation, carrying out 194 qualitative defensive operations, and 382 retaliatory operations, during 2021.

He indicated that the operations included, Al-Nasr Al-Mubeen op which consists of three phases, Al-Bass Al-Shaded op, Fajr Al-Horiah op, Fajr Al-Entesar op, Rabe’e Al-Nasr which consists of two phases, and Fajr Al-Sahra’a operation.

The Army and the Popular Committees liberated vast areas estimated at 12,000 kilometers in Marib, Al-Jawf, Al-Baidha, Al-Hodeidah, and Shabwa governorates.


Engineering, Artillery, Snipers Units’ Operations 

Brigadier General Sare’e revealed the achievements of the Ground Forces Units, which played a major role in the battle for freedom and independence during 2021 which carried out a large number of operations within their daily operational tasks.

The Engineering Unit carried out 5010 operations, including 3,375 targeting US-Saudi individuals, 1390 targeting all kinds of vehicles, and 245 targeting fortifications and barracks.

The Artillery Unit carried out 21,925 operations targeting US-Saudi fortifications, gatherings, and mechanisms, including 283 joint operations with the Air Force, and 2,298 operations in which the unit used Zelzal-1 missiles.

Brigadier General Saree pointed out that these operations led to the killing and wounding of more than 1,527 enemy forces and the destruction of 276 armored vehicles, a military bulldozer, a tank, 32 different calibers, 3 thermal cameras, 5 stores, 3 communications networks belonging to the enemy.

“The sniper unit carried out 13,191 operations,” Brigadier General Sare’e added.


Air Defense Operations

Brigadier General Sare’e indicated that the Air Defense Forces carried out 1,025 repelling operations, forcing US-Saudi warplanes and drones to leave.

It also carried out 22 shooting down operations, downing six Chinese-made CH4 warplanes belonging to the Saudi Air Force, 12 US-made ScanEagle warplanes, and two Wing Loong 2 planes, in addition to a US-made MQ9 warplane that is used by the US Army itself which belonged to the UAE.

Brigadier Sare’e added that the air defense operations led to the downing of a Turkish-made Karayel warplane and two American RQ20 planes belonging to the Saudi enemy, while the number of small reconnaissance spy drones that were downed is 64 drones.


Rocketry Force Operations

The Rocketry Force also carried out 440 operations through which the unit targeted sites, gatherings, and military camps for US-Saudi mercenaries inside Yemen by 340 operations, and 100 other operations were carried out targeting enemy gatherings and facilities outside Yemen.

Brigadier General Sare’e affirmed that the Yemeni Rocketry Force is proceeding to develop its capabilities, in a way that contributes to strengthening its role in the battle for freedom and independence.


Air Force’s Operations

Brigadier-General Saree confirmed that the Air force carried out 4,497 operations, including 4,116 reconnaissance operations against enemy targets inside and outside Yemen.

He reiterated that the Air Force achieved, in a short time, several achievements at the level of the battle for freedom and independence.


Joint Operations 

Brigadier General Sare’e revealed that the joint operations between the Rocketry Force and the Air Force were four Balanced Deterrence operations, And other operations, the National Resilience Day operation, the 6th of Sha’ban, the 30th of Sha’ban, and the 7th of December operations.

They also targeted Aramco, Najran Airport, sensitive targets in Najran, a military training camp in Al-Wadea’ah, and the Duty Forces camp in Jizan in other joint operations.


The enemy’s losses

The Armed Forces exposed that the Armed Forces killed and wounded 394 Saudi soldiers and officers, and 745 Sudanese mercenaries.

Brigadier General Saree stressed that the continuation of the Sudanese mercenaries’ fighting alongside the coalition will lead to more losses among the Sudanese mercenaries.

He said, “As the Sudanese authorities involve part of their army in the aggression against Yemen, we find the Saudi enemy pushing those forces to the front lines until they receive most of the strikes and losses occur in their ranks.”

Saree explained that more than 24,000 US-Saudi mercenaries were killed and wounded.

He stressed that the Armed Forces, as they announce these statistics of the enemy’s losses, express their deep regret that most of the dead and injured are Yemenis who have accepted to be mercenaries and traitors with the enemies of Yemen.

The Armed Forces stressed that the aggression is throwing its Yemeni mercenaries into a losing battle against their country and people, using them to achieve its goals in occupying Yemen, tearing it apart and plundering its wealth.


Material Losses

Brigadier-General Saree added in his press conference that the Armed Forces destroyed and damaged 1,749 armored vehicles, and personnel carriers, 253 calibers, and burnt 39 warehouses.

He also mentioned the losses sustained by the Saudi enemy as a result of the Rocketry Force and Drones’ operations, which targeted military and vital centers and facilities in the Saudi depth.

He pointed out that the Armed Forces, under the US-Saudi aggression and siege, were able to confront the aggression and move forward in the retaliatory processes targeting the countries of the aggression.

Brigadier-General Saree pointed out that the military media had an important role in documenting and transmitting the scenes, so the image was the best expression of the truth of the Yemeni achievement of heroism, sacrifice, bravery and courage.

Brigadier General Sare’e affirmed that the Armed Forces possess today the capabilities, competencies and experiences that make them capable to face various challenges.

He added that Yemeni people’s steadfastness in the face of the coalition of aggression has given the Yemeni military a unique experience that will be added to the pages of our military and war history in resisting the invaders and defending the country and the people.


Starting A New Phase of Confrontation

The Armed Forces spokesman affirmed that the armed forces were determined to launch a new phase of steadfastness and confrontation, benefiting from the experience of previous years and from the great popular rally supporting the battle for freedom and independence.

He addressed the US-Saudi aggression saying: “do not expect in Yemen anything but defeat, and do not expect from Yemen anything but disappointment and failure”.

He pointed out that the previous years were years of steadfastness, and the coming years will be the years of liberation and victory.

تليقرام انصار الله
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