The Demining Team Retrieves the Body of a Citizen ,Liberates others in  Al-Hali District in ,Hodeidah


A citizen was killed on Friday evening, as a result of the explosion of a mine left by the forces of aggression in the village of Al-Sharaf Al-Olaya in the Al-Hali district of Hodeidah governorate.

A source in the Executive Center for Dealing with Landmines and Remnants of War indicated that the center received an appeal at exactly eight o’clock on Friday evening from the people of the Upper Sharaf village, next to Kilo 16 in Al-Hali district, about a mine explosion ,killing one of the citizens, while he was returning with a group of villagers to their homes, who are still Trapped at the time in a field of mines and remnants.It noted that a team from the Executive Center, after receiving the communication, directed the location of the minefield and the remnants of the aggression, and worked until late yesterday evening to remove the trapped citizens in the middle of the field.

The source told Ansar Allah website that the center’s fifth team conducted a technical survey in the area and cleared a safe passage to reach the site of the explosion, where it freed the trapped.

The team was also able to find the body of Abdullah Rajhi Khalouf, who died as a result of a mine explosion

تليقرام انصار الله
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