The Aggression Warplanes Target Communications Networks in Saada , Amran with a Series of Air Raids

Quting from YPA, the US-backed Saudi-led coalition fighter jets hit on Sunday telecommunication networks in Amran and Saada province, a security official said.

The official affirmed that the warplanes waged launched 2 strikes on the communication network in Al-Safra district, and a strike on the other network in Al-Abdin area, south of Saada city.

Meantime, the fighter jets carried out a series of strikes on the telecommunication networks in Raydah district and Bani Ghaima area of Bani Surim district, as well as Jabal Sabih in Khamer district of Amran province.

Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology strongly condemned the coalition’s targeting of communications networks, stations and towers in Saada, Amran and Jawf, stressing that targeting communications services and facilities deprives tens of thousands of citizens of communications services and doubles their suffering.

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