Yemeni officials and politicians comment on the Security Council statement regarding the ship “Rawabi”

A number of officials and politicians in Sana’a commented on the Security Council’s statement regarding the “Rawabi” ship, stressing that Yemen has full sovereignty over its land, water and airspace.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Government of National Salvation, Eng. Hisham Sharaf, said: “We were not surprised by what was included in the Security Council’s statement regarding the Rawabi ship, because it is a council authorized in favor of those who have money and influence.”

Sharaf added: The world should be aware that our legitimate right requires targeting any ship that enters our territorial waters while it is an aggressor or contributes to financing the aggression against our country and our people.

He stressed that the forces of aggression and the entire world should know that Yemen has full sovereignty over its land, water and airspace.

For his part, the head of the Umma Party, Allama Mohammad Muftah, explained that the Security Council was supposed to talk about the piracy of the aggression on oil and food ships, not to defend the aggressors.

Muftah pointed out that the Security Council, with its shameful and scandalous stances, embodies moral decadence worldwide.

While the head of the media department of the General People’s Congress Party, Tariq al-Shami, considered the statement of the Security Council disappointing, noting that the statement was concerned with a military ship attacking the Yemeni people and did not bother to demand the countries of aggression in release ships of oil and food for the Yemeni people.


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