The Aggression ,the United Nations Exploits the Suffering of the Yemeni People

Quting from almasirah, the Deputy Director of the Red Sea Ports Corporation denied the allegations of the US-Saudi aggression about the smooth flow of ships’ movement to the port of Hodeidah.

In his intervention with Almasirah, Yahya Sharaf Al-Din said: “We are one of the sectors affected by the interruption of fuel derivatives, and there is a ban and a significant decline in imports to the port.”

He added that the United Nations is a partner in the siege, and the US-Saudi aggression does not pay any attention to its permits.

He explained that during the year 2021, only 5 fuel tankers belonging to the public sector entered the port of Hodeidah, indicating that the aggression was trying to falsify the reality, and if it was sincere, it would release the detained fuel tankers.

He pointed out that the US-Saudi aggression and the United Nations are exploiting the suffering of the Yemeni people and are responsible for the current fuel crisis.

Yesterday, The Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) commented on the lies and inaccuracies by the US-Saudi aggression.

The company said in a statement that the continuation of misleading public opinion and telling a series of lies do not change anything about the reality of the blockade and piracy of fuel ships.

The statement pointed out that the crisis inclusion in all governorates of Yemen proves the responsibility of the aggression for the acute supply shortage in various Yemeni regions.

It explained that the absence of the international role and voice adds a new failure to the record of its shameful downfall and its reprehensible bias towards the US-Saudi aggression.

The company stated that the ship Carpe Diem which was allowed to enter the port of Hodeidah, carries a quantity of 21 thousand tons of diesel belonging to a private sector factory and not intended for public consumption.

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