The number of disabled, in Sa’ada, since the start of the aggression reached 21,000

The director of the branch of the Fund for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Disabled in Sa’ada Governorate, Ali Zara’a said that the total number of disabled people in the governorate since the start of the aggression has reached 21,000.

Zara’a explained that the disabled are from various segments of children, women and adults, most of their disabilities are due to the bombing of the aggression

He pointed out that the border area of ​​Raqo recorded, in an approximate statistic, 60 disabled people per month, with a total of 5,040 disabled people during 7 years as a result of the bombing of the aggression.

He added that thousands of children were born with birth defects, and there are medical sources that explain that the main cause is the weapons of aggression, and there are disabilities, largely due to the remnants of aggression, cluster bombs and direct bombardment.

Zaraa confirmed that there is no actual role for the organizations, and they are only interested in the International Day of the Disabled, which is held annually and aims to promote them in the media and improve their image for public opinion, indicating that the Child Care Organization provides only 3% of the fund’s needs in the governorate, while the need is very great.

He stressed that the closure of Sana’a airport prevented some cases from traveling for treatment abroad, which could have overcome the temporary disability, but today it has become a permanent one.

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