The aggression launches airstrikes on Yemeni provinces, committs violations on Hodeidah

Quting from YPA, the US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition’s fighter jets launched on Sunday 52 airstrikes on a number of Yemeni provinces, a security source said.

The source declared that the coalition’s warplanes waged 31 raids on Al-Wadi, Al-Jouba and Harib districts of Marib province, while eight airstrikes hit Ayn district of Shabwa province and seven ones targeted Al-Sawma’h district of Bayda province.

In Jawf, two air raids hit Khab Washa’f district and two others targeted Maqbna district of Taiz province.

In addition, the aircrafts attacked Al-Jarrahi district of Hodeida province one time and launched another raid on Haradh district of Hajjah province.


The US-backed Saudi-led aggression Coalition’s mercenaries committed on Sunday 131 violations of ceasefire and Sweden’s agreements in Hodeida province over the past 24 hours, a source in the Correlation and Coordination Operations Room told Yemen Press Agency.

The source declared that the breaches included an air strike hit Jarrahi district and establishing new combat fortifications in Jabalia area, in addition to flying of four fighter jets and three spy drones over Jabalia area and Jarrahi district.

The source pointed out that the mercenaries also committed 33 violations by an artillery bombing using 192 shells and 85 others by various machine guns.

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