Tribal Meetings in Marib Confirms the Support of the Army ,the Committees in the Face Of The Aggression

Today, Sunday, the people of Al-Jawbah District, Marib governorate, organized a tribal meeting to confirm their support for the army and the popular committees, and to reject the escalation of the US-Saudi aggression.

In the meeting, the governor of Ma’rib, Ali Muhammad Taiman, praised the stances of the people of al-Juba and their bias towards the nation and their provision of money and men to the fronts to confront the forces of aggression and livelihood.

He stressed the continuation of completing the liberation of the province, regardless of the aggression’s mobilization of mercenaries and takfiris, denouncing the escalation of the aggression in targeting markets, citizens’ homes and farms, and public and private properties.

He pointed out that the crimes and violations of the forces of aggression against civilians will not be subject to a statute of limitations, holding the forces of aggression fully responsible for the continued detention of oil derivatives ships, which was reflected in the level of services provided to citizens.

تليقرام انصار الله
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