New raids hit the capital, Sana’a, killed civilian martyrs

Late Tuesday evening, the US-Saudi aggression renewed its raids on the capital, Sanaa.

A security source stated that the aggression warplanes launched 5 raids on Sanaa International Airport and its surroundings.

Earlier, the warplanes launched an air raid targeting a car in the Harib district of Ma’rib governorate, which led to the death of five citizens, including a child.

A local source in the province stated that the aggression warplanes targeted a Vitara car belonging to the citizen Nayef Ahmed Abdulelah Al-Haddad on the main road, which led to the death of him and two of his children, in addition to two others who were on board the car.

The source denounced the aggression’s targeting of citizens and public roads, and the intensification of raids on populated villages in the Harib district.

تليقرام انصار الله
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