A Press Conference by the Ministries of Health , Human Rights at the Scene of the Aggression Crime in Sana’a


Today, Wednesday, the Ministries of Public Health and Population and Human Rights held a press conference at the scene of the aggression crime in  Libyan neighborhood of the capital, to inform public opinion about the details of the massacre committed by the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression in the neighborhood, which left 25 martyrs and wounded.

At the conference, the Acting Minister of Human Rights, Ali Al-Dailami, the Undersecretary of the Ministries of Health, Dr. Naguib Al-Qubati, and the Media official , Nasr Al-Din Amer, explained that the aggression had committed a heinous crime against the safe citizens in their homes in  Libyan neighborhood, which led to the death of 14 and the injury of 11 others, most of whom were women and children from Al-Junaid and Al-Ahdal families, and the residents of the neighboring houses, and the total destruction of five neighboring houses, and dozens of them were damaged, as well as many citizens’ properties.

They pointed out that there are still some missing people under the rubble, as rescue teams continue their work for the third day in a row to try to retrieve them.They stressed that the direct targeting of residential neighborhoods and homes of citizens in the capital, Sanaa, exposes the media misinformation practiced by the countries of the coalition of aggression, and their allegations that their raids Targeting platforms for launching drones.


تليقرام انصار الله
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