Guidance Office in Sa’ada organizes a cultural symposium entitled “Al-Zahra, the high model of Muslim women”

The Guidance Office in Saada Governorate organized a cultural symposium entitled “Fatima al-Zahra, peace be upon her, the high model of Muslim women.”

The topics of the symposium focused on the status and virtues of the Lady of the Women of the Worlds, Islam’s view of women and their role in society.

The topics presented by cultural activists Ahmed Al-Qasimi and Abbas Abu Alama touched on the educational aspects of commemorating the birth of Al-Zahra, as it is a station to provide it with steadfastness and patience in the face of the forces of arrogance.

They also stressed the importance of adhering to the values, principles and virtuous morals that characterized the world’s women, and the role she presented as a role model for Muslim women.

Al-Qasimi and Allama pointed out that Yemeni women are inspired by their values ​​and principles from the morals and qualities of Fatima al-Zahra, which made her so proud.

تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا