Al-Mushki confirms growing strength of Yemeni deterrence, its ability to strike the depths of the countries of aggression

The recent attacks on Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, Operation Yemen Hurricane II, showed that Yemen is in possession of weapons with pinpoint accuracy and drones that can reach deep inside the countries of aggression, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Yemeni army Major General Ali Al-Mushaki said.

“Operation Yemen Hurricane II confirmed that we have an abundance of quality weapons, personnel and important information,” Al-Mushki said in an interview with Al-Masirah television network on Tuesday.

He indicated that the countries of aggression should know for sure that they are under scrutiny and that Yemen possesses a bank of sensitive and accurate targets.

The Deputy Chief of Staff reiterated that Yemen now has accurate weapons and drones that reach wherever it wants and deep inside the invading countries and their supporters.

Major General Al-Mushki indicated that the targeting of the Al-Dhafra base by the Yemeni Armed Forces is an important message as it is a springboard for warplanes bombing Yemeni people, stressing that “we have absolutely no obstacles in defending our citizens and lands, whatever they may be.”


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