45 Air Raids by the Aggression on a Number of Provinces 

The US-Saudi-Emirati aggression launched, today , Thursday, 45 air strikes on Marib, Shabwa, Saada, Taiz, Al-Jawf and Najran.

A security source explained that the aggression launched 14 raids on  Al-Juba district, 10 raids on  Harib district, 9 raids on  Al-Wadi district, and two raids on Al-Abdiya district in  Marib governorate.

The source added that the aggression’s warplanes launched 4 raids on Bayhan district in Shabwa, an air raid on  Maqbna district in Taiz, 3 raids on  Al-Yatama area in Khub Wal Sha’af district in Al-Jawf, and a raid on  Al-Zaher district in Saada, and a raid on  Al-Suh area off Najran.

In Hodeidah, a source in the Liaison Officers Chamber explained that the forces of aggression committed 119 violations of the truce agreement, including 6 raids by spy planes on Hays and the flight of spy planes over aljabalya and Hays .

The source added that among the violations, 51 breaches were carried out by missile and artillery shelling, and 48 breaches by various bullets.

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