Security agencies thwart operation Saudi criminal scheme in Sana’a, some provinces with car bombs

The security services had been able to foil a plan of the Saudi intelligence service, which intended to carry out actions that disturb the security and safety of the country and the citizen through those who recruited them.

The security services said that the enemy recruited a cell and equipped a number of car bombs and sent them to the free provinces to kill innocent people and disturb public peace.

The security services monitored information that Saudi intelligence was recruiting elements of hypocritical traitors who are in Marib to equip three car bombs (Forner”, a Lotus KIA, and a Trius car) with the aim of targeting vital places in Sana’a and some free provinces.

Based on intelligence, the security services deployed and distributed investigation and control teams, engineering teams and qualitative task forces in the vicinity of the targeted areas, raising the state of readiness and security sense.

The agencies also issued a warrant for the arrest and search of those involved in this plot, led by the hypocrite Naji Ali Saeed Munif (commander of the military police in Marib)and Adnan Ahmed Mohammed al-Dhiai (officer in the Special Security Forces, and hypocrite Manaa Mohammed Yahya Suleiman (head of the Psychological Warfare Division of the 3rd Military Zone).

According to monitoring, tracking and investigations obtained by the security services, the accused Sultan Mohammed Ali al-Wakdi was recruited in Marib province by hypocrite Ahmed Saidi (car dealer) and hypocrite Manaa Suleiman (head of the psychological warfare division of the third military zone).

According to security services revelations, Saudi intelligence prepared the criminal plan with the help of its tools of hypocritical traitors by taking advantage of heavy transport drivers as a cover for the transportation of car bombs intended for the bombing.

The security services confirmed that they are still following up on the proceedings of the case until anyone involved is brought to justice.

“Our dear Yemeni people, the conspiracies we are putting before you represent a living witness to the hatred of the Saudi-UAE coalition towards beloved Yemen,” It said.

The security services also called on citizens to be vigilant and report any movements that undermine security and concern public tranquility.


تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا