26 Square Kilometers Cleared in an Offensive Operation against Enemy Positions in Bani Hassan, Hiran, Hajjah (Video)

The Yemeni Army and the People’s Committees carried out an offensive operation with the participation of all the military units in a wide range of two paths, during which they were able to purify 11 villages and dozens of sites from the Sudanese hypocrites and mercenaries in Bani Hassan and Hiran Hajjah with a total area of ​​26 square kilometers .

They were able to purify the villages of Al-Dhahr, Al-Akashiya, Al-Naqrameh, Al-Muhajim, Al-Matfa’, Al-Manjura, Bani Kina, Al-Sharqi, Al-Handaq, Al-Bayda Village, Al-Shabakah, and inflicting great material and human losses on the enemy, which were illustrated by the scenes of the war media.

More than 200 Sudanese hypocrites and mercenaries were killed or wounded during the operation, and the rest of the hypocrites fled, leaving their vehicles and military equipment as a spoil for the Army and Popular Committees 

The aggression aircraft tried to support its mercenaries with dozens of raids,but  no avail.

The scenes showed the moments of the enemy’s abuse in the barricades and the large grooves that they tried to take as a means of protection from the might of the Army and Popular Committees. 


They seized a large variety of military equipment, including heavy and medium weapons. 

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