Insan organization condemns Saudi execution of Yemeni citizen

Insan Rights and Freedoms Organization condemned the Saudi regime’s execution of Yemeni citizen Mohammed Abdelbaset al-Mualmi, and a group of Saudi dissidents, including Hussain Ali Al Bu Abdullah and Mohammed Khader al-Awami.

The organization mentioned, in a statement, that the initial information obtained from the victim’s family stated that their son, Mohammed, aged 21, traveled in 2014 and kept in contact with them, but three months ago, he disappeared, and they only learned of his death from the Saudi media.

The statement indicated that the crime is a continuation of a series of human rights violations committed by the Saudi authorities in violation of international charters and norms and human rights laws, pointing to the two crimes of torturing Yemeni prisoners with electricity until their death a few days ago, and the execution of 81 prisoners, including seven Yemenis, two months ago who were in Saudi prisons.

The organization called on the UN bodies and international bodies and organizations concerned with human rights to conduct a broad investigation into the violations of the Saudi regime and put an end to it, and work to punish the perpetrators, in accordance with international laws and covenants.

تليقرام انصار الله
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