Taking off the First Commercial Flight Proves the Airport’s Readiness, Refutes the Allegations of Aggression

Today, Monday, the Director of Sanaa Airport, Khaled Al-Shaif, said that the take-off of the first commercial flight proves the airport’s readiness and refutes all allegations promoted by the coalition of aggression.

Khaled Al-Shaef said in a statement to Al Masirah TV: We asked the United Nations to compensate the flights that were scheduled during the past weeks.

Today, the first civilian commercial flight via Yemenia Airways took off from Sana’a International Airport, heading to the Jordanian capital, Amman, according to the truce announced by the United Nations.

The first commercial flight carried 137 passengers after a six-year hiatus imposed by the US-Saudi aggression coalition, without legal justification and in violation of all international agreements and conventions.

Most of the passengers who left Sanaa airport have chronic diseases, whose treatment in national hospitals has been hindered due to the lack o devices, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and necessary health supplies that were destroyed by the aggression over the course of eight years.

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