Minister of the Telecommunications Sector Amounted to more than six Billion , 792 Million Dollars

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Misfir Al-Numeir, announced the launch of the Internet service via “Wi-Fi” for 170 Access Point stations in the capital, Sana’a.

In a festive event organized today, Tuesday, by the Ministry of Communications and its affiliates, on the occasion of the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, the Minister Al-Numeir stressed the importance of raising awareness of the important role of telecommunications and information technology.

He pointed out that the slogan of the International Day urges directing technology to support the elderly and improve their lives in the old age as digital technology supports all areas of life.

In the event, the Director of the Information at the Ministry of Communications, Ibrahim Sharaf El-Din, reviewed the losses of the telecommunications sector during the past seven years, as the aggression aircraft targeted 1,106 facilities, including towers, stations, central exchanges, cabins, equipment, power and air conditioning, and post halls.. He indicated that the losses of the telecommunications sector amounted to more than 6,792 billion. Million dollars.

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