Al-Ruwaishan: Sana’a welcomes to extend the armistice conditional on ending the suffering of the Yemeni people

Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security Affairs, Lieutenant-General Jalal Al- Rowishan said that Sanaa’s welcome to extend the armistice is conditional on ending the suffering of the Yemeni people.

Lt. Gen Al-Rowishan pointed out that Sanaa’s demands to accept the extension of the truce are basic human rights of the Yemeni people, and it is not true to call them conditions.

“We hope the international community and the United Nations understand that it is illogical to talk about a truce while 25 million people in Yemen are trapped,” he added.

He confirmed that the armed and security forces are on readiness if the other part rejects the truce or links it to the closure of Sanaa airport and the port of Hodeida.

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