The Head of the National Committee of Prisoners: the  Aggression  Procrastinating in the Exchange of Prisoner Statements

The head of the National Committee of Prisoners, Abdul Qader Al-Murtada, said that progress is slow in the negotiations to implement the prisoner exchange agreement signed in March under the auspices of the United Nations with the side of the aggression.

Al-Murtada told almasirah that the past April and May would be crucial months for exchanging and ratifying the lists of prisoners in accordance with the agreement, but the other party was clearly procrastinating.

He pointed out that there is a 20% progress in the clause of exchanging and ratifying the statements with the Saudi party, and the percentage drops to 1% with the mercenary party, and it is not possible to split the deal.

He pointed out that the mercenaries of the aggression set new conditions outside the prisoner exchange agreement, including putting forward names that were not agreed upon, and refraining from providing their prisoners’ statements.

Al-Murtada stressed that the international performance is weak in the face of mercenaries, and the office of the UN envoy does not exert any pressure to implement what was agreed upon in the file of prisoners under its auspices.

تليقرام انصار الله
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