Undersecretary of the Oil Exploration , Production Authority: We Warn Companies that Deal with Mercenaries   Confirm our Intention to Pursue yhem Legally

The Undersecretary of the General Authority for Oil Exploration and Production, Mr. Abdullatif Al-Dhafri, warned companies that deal with the mercenaries of the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression, stressing the determination to pursue them legally.

Al-Dhafri told Al Masirah TV that the Ministry of Oil and the legal bodies representing it in Sana’a are the ones who concluded the operating contracts, and only they have the right to cancel or renew them.

He explained that the S2 Al-Uqla sector in Shabwa, which sold the share of its mercenaries’ operation, is classified as a medium type in production and reserves, indicating that the sector’s daily production capacity ranges from 10 to 16 thousand barrels per day and covers an area of ​​902 square kilometers.

He pointed out that the Austrian (OMV) company has been operating the sector since 2006 in return for 25% of its production, and the cumulative production capacity of the sector since 2006 is estimated at nearly 40 million barrels.

The Undersecretary of the General Authority for Oil Exploration and Production confirmed that the mercenaries are stealing the entire sector’s sales away from state institutions and legally authorized bodies, as part of the looting of Yemeni oil in its production fields Marib, Shabwa and Hadramout

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