Iran and Venezuela sign a 20-year cooperation agreement

The President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro announced today, Saturday, during his visit to Tehran, the signing of an agreement to expand joint cooperation for 20 years with Iran.

“There will be joint cooperation with Tehran in various sectors, such as oil, banking and economics,” Maduro said after meeting his Iranian counterpart Ibrahim Raisi.

Maduro indicated that Venezuela “is interested in Iran’s historical experience in facing sanctions,” adding, “We have a long way to confront sanctions, but we will be able to succeed and get out with our heads held high.”

“We will strengthen our military cooperation, and direct flights are scheduled between Tehran and Caracas to promote tourism between the two countries, and we can be a good tourist destination for Iranians,” he continued.

Maduro arrived in Tehran as the head of a high-level political and economic delegation, yesterday, Friday, to meet his counterpart Ibrahim Raisi, and discuss joint cooperation between the two countries.

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