Giant oil tanker, carrying Yemeni looted crude oil leaves Al-Shahir Port

The giant oil tanker APOLYTARES, which is carrying more than two million barrels of looted crude oil, left the port of Al-Shihr in Hadhramaut Governorate on Saturday afternoon, a well-informed source reported.

The giant tanker had arrived a few days ago at the port of Ash Shihr, and looted more than 2 million barrels of crude oil, with a total value of more than 270 million dollars, according to oil prices on the international stock exchange, which is equivalent to 162 billion Yemeni Riyals ($290 million), the source told the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) .

The source pointed out that the looting of crude oil comes in light of the continuation of the organized looting by the aggression and its mercenaries of the revenues of crude oil and the wealth of Yemen, and their continuing to cut the salaries of state employees for more than six years.

He stressed that that this ship is sufficient to cover the salaries of state employees in all Yemeni governorates for two months.

According to the navigational websites, the ship will unload its cargo in the Thai port of Si Racha.

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