Zionist Enemy Demolished Over 1000 Palestinian Homes, Facilities Last Year

The Zionist enemy forces demolished more than a thousand Palestinian homes and facilities in the occupied Palestinian territories during the past year. 

The Land Research Center of the Arab Studies Association documented in a field report that the enemy forces demolished about 1,032 homes and establishments, including 361 homes, displacing 1,834 individuals, including 954 children.

The Center added that the females out of the total number of those whose homes were demolished is about 47%. Families are now scattered and torn looking for safe housing to gather their privacy.

The report indicated that the owners of 93 housing units in occupied Al-Quds demolished them themselves after the enemy’s municipality forced them to do so.

The demolition of 671 different facilities -agricultural, commercial, institutional, service, recreational, and religious- were also documented, from which 5,455 people benefited, including 2,600 children and 1,800 females.

The most targeted facilities for demolition were sheep facilities, where 216 barracks were demolished, which housed more than 16,400 heads of sheep. As well as agricultural wells, where 93 wells or water tanks were demolished, that were a source of irrigation for 1800 dunums.

In addition, 12 agricultural roads were destroyed, of which the owners of 3850 dunums directly benefited.

The most targeted governorates in the demolitions were the Tubas governorate, where 297 houses and facilities were demolished, followed by Al-Quds, 274 houses and facilities were demolished, then Hebron and Bethlehem with 143 and 139 dwellings and facilities.

Source: Websites.

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