Biden confirms the deployment of US forces in Yemen and the continuation of military support for the coalition of aggression

As the United States continues to talk about “peace” in Yemen and claims its eagerness to make the truce succeed, the American President, Joe Biden, has approved the deployment of American forces inside the country to carry out field missions for the benefit of the coalition of aggression. He also acknowledged the continuation of military support for armed operations against the Yemeni people. This again undermines all peace propaganda and proves Washington’s leading role in the aggression, as well as the accuracy of Sana’a’s reading of the US hostile position towards the Republic of Yemen.

In a letter he addressed to Congress a few days ago and was published by the White House, Biden explained that “a number of American military personnel are deployed in Yemen,” in a clear confirmation of direct military intervention.

Biden claimed that the deployment of these forces comes for the purpose of “carrying out operations against al-Qaeda and ISIS,” which is the official pretext that the United States has used often to justify its blatant attacks on Yemen and many countries in the region.

The US President did not hide the link between the deployment of these forces and the ongoing aggression on Yemen as well, as the letter made it clear that the US military continues to work “closely” with the government of mercenaries and “partner regional forces” (the countries of the coalition of aggression) in carrying out its military tasks in Yemen.

“The US armed forces continue to provide military assistance to regional forces” in operations against what he called “Houthis,” Biden added.

Despite the clarity of this recognition of the continuation of the direct US military participation in the aggression on Yemen, Biden claimed that the role of the US military in Yemen is “non-combatant”, then described it for “defensive purposes”, in a very blatant and poor attempt to mislead the public opinion that is increasingly opposed to the continued US involvement in the war on Yemen.

Biden had previously announced the cessation of “offensive support” to Saudi Arabia in light of the growing criticism of the US criminal role in Yemen, but that announcement quickly revealed its truth as a propaganda ploy, as members of Congress confirmed that the difference between “offensive and defensive support” is not clear, and demanded the White House to clarify, but they refused.

This announcement was then completely exposed when the Biden administration concluded arms deals with the Saudi regime, and members of Congress and experts confirmed that these deals are considered a clear “offensive” support, and they also stressed that the continuation of the siege imposed on the country is not considered a “defensive action” in any way.

The United States had recently announced the formation of a joint naval force to carry out military operations off the Yemeni coast and in the Bab al-Mandab Strait, which Sanaa considered a clear aggressive escalation that contradicts the allegations and statements of the American administration about peace and support for the armistice.

The revolutionary, political and military leadership confirms that the coalition of aggression and its sponsors in the West are preparing for a major escalation against the Yemeni people behind the facade of the armistice and under the slogan “achieving peace,” which is proven by the American steps.

تليقرام انصار الله
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