Al-Ezzi: The enemy must accept the initiative to open the roads, and we will not allow any conditions outside the agreement

Sana’a reiterated the call to the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition and its mercenaries to accept the national initiative regarding the opening of roads in Taiz governorate, in order to ease the suffering of civilians and make the armistice agreement successful, before Sanaa opens them unilaterally, stressing that it will not allow any conditions outside the agreement, whatever the case.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of the Salvation Government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, said: “The essence of this truce is to alleviate suffering, not total or radical solutions,” calling on the countries of aggression and their mercenaries to accept opening roads that shorten the distance from five hours to half an hour, in reference to the initiative presented by the National Military Committee participating in the Amman discussions, which included the opening of three important roads in Taiz Governorate.

Al-Ezzi explained that accepting the opening of these roads would be a first step towards opening the rest of the roads in Taiz and other governorates within the framework of the armistice agreement.

Addressing the coalition of aggression and its mercenaries, he added, “Accept this initiative as we accepted only two flights to only two destinations as a first step,” referring to the flights from Sana’a International Airport that were included in the armistice agreement.

He stressed that Sana’a would take the initiative to open those roads unilaterally if the enemy and its mercenaries refused to respond.

The enemy’s side has not yet shown any response to the national initiative, but rather “warned” against any unilateral implementation, and insisted on suspicious demands that focus on specific contact areas with the aim of exploiting them militarily to advance towards liberated areas that are under the control of the army and the popular committees.

The enemy falsely claims that the agreement stipulated the opening of all main roads in Taiz governorate; In an attempt to mislead public opinion and justify the renunciation of obligations that expose the countries of aggression, led by Saudi Arabia, and their mercenaries, to keep the suffering of citizens in Taiz and the rest of the provinces.

The Deputy Foreign Minister added that if the enemy and its mercenaries want radical solutions and a complete end to the suffering, then Sana’a is ready now more than ever.

“Let’s sign an agreement to end all forms of offensive and defensive war, end aggression, fighting, siege, and occupation, and open all roads, airports and ports,” he called, noting that the coalition of aggression and mercenaries will not do that because they still completely refuse to go towards actual peace, and only seek to gain time and mislead public opinion.

Al-Ezzi warned the coalition of aggression against betting on “lies,” stressing that Sana’a “will not allow any fallacies, deviations, or requirements more than what was stipulated in the armistice agreement.”

“The enemy had to put its conditions on the negotiating table, but after the agreement, it has nothing to do with us except what it has stipulated. So they better save all their hype and deviations and honor the deal, that’s better” he added.

Since the announcement of the armistice in early April, the coalition of aggression has tried several times to clearly run away from the agreement and with international complicity, as it sought in the first stage to impose new arbitrary conditions on the flights that had been agreed upon, and is still trying to change the clause on opening roads, and reducing it to certain routes and few provinces, to achieve suspicious military purposes.

Al-Ezzi recalled that the so-called Al-Qaeda and Al-Islah militias had previously brutally exploited the roads in Taiz governorate to conduct criminal liquidations against civilians, women and children from the Al-Junaid and Al-Rumaima family, and the world did not take any actions at the time.

He explained that the initiative presented by Sana’a alleviates the suffering of movement for citizens and at the same time does not allow mercenaries and takfiris to carry out any new incursions or massacres against citizens.

“Perhaps everyone remembers how the militias affiliated with the coalition of aggression countries used to hang civilians and flay them with knives; Therefore, it is important to protect civilians and limit the long distances that create some suffering, and we were very successful when we presented proposals that combine these noble tasks and we hope to succeed in this,” he added.

Consultations about opening roads in Taiz and the governorates stopped a few days ago after the enemy delegation refused to deal with the Sana’a initiative to open several important roads as a first stage, but the United Nations announced the submission of a new proposal, and the National Military Committee returned to the capital to discuss it with the leadership.

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