Washington does not oppose the use of its weapons to commit crimes in Yemen: official US report

A new US report said the United States deliberately turns a blind eye to using its weapons in committing crimes against civilians in Yemen, which contradicts the White House’s repeated propaganda that justifies the continued sale of weapons to the aggression countries. The report reiterates Washington’s clear involvement in the war crimes caused by those sales.

Human Rights Watch said that it had seen a new report issued by the Government Accountability Office in the United States, confirming that the United States condoned the use of its military sales to commit war crimes in Yemen by the countries of the coalition of aggression, led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates(UAE).

The organization pointed out that the report clearly belies the claims of successive administrations about “monitoring the use of weapons” and “taking measures to protect civilians.”

The organization said: US officials are trying to make revisions to the report before its publication to hide some information.

The organization demanded that the report be published in full without modification. This way, the public opinion will not be misled by the fact that the United States is involved in war crimes committed against Yemenis. There are also numerous international reports and investigations that have proven that American weapons were used in war crimes in Yemen.

This comes at a time when US President Joe Biden intends to visit Saudi Arabia after he had promised in his election campaign to make it a “pariah” because of its crimes in Yemen. However, this promise evaporated as soon as he reached the White House. He also continued to pressure Congress to agree to sell more weapons to Riyadh under the pretext that they are defensive weapons.

The American newspaper, The Washington Post, recently published an investigation that confirmed that the United States of America was involved in the war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE in Yemen. The investigation explained that Saudi and Emirati fighter squadrons, which carry out air strikes on Yemenis, can only operate under American support.

The newspaper also revealed that the United States participated with these squadrons in training operations to carry out air attacks, noting that a large part of these drills took place on American soil.

The Washington Post said that Biden’s announcement of stopping “offensive support” for Saudi Arabia does not absolve the United States of responsibility for involvement in crimes committed against civilians in Yemen. This is because the military maintenance contracts that the government and American companies have concluded with the Saudi regime are still ongoing, and it is these contracts that maintain the continuation of offensive operations against civilians in Yemen, and by stopping them, Saudi Arabia will not be able to carry out any aerial attacks.

The newspaper stressed that the United States has access to a detailed database regarding the air strike attacks and that US officials know more than what they state about these aerial attacks, which is confirmed by the aforementioned Government Accountability Office report.

The Biden administration is trying to evade pressure and criticism regarding the continued American participation in the aggression on Yemen, but “peace” propaganda is not enough. They continue to sell weapons to the Saudi regime and provide support to it in more than one way, just as it continues to manage the criminal siege on Yemen.

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