Yemen’s ambassador to Syria calls for a comprehensive popular economic boycott of the Zionist enemy

Yemen Ambassador to Syria, Abdullah Sabri, denounced the course of normalization with the Zionist enemy entity, which is escalating day after day amid the rush of many Arab regimes towards signing economic agreements with the enemy entity.

Mentioning the latest agreement to export Palestinian gas to Europe between Egypt and the Israeli enemy, Ambassador Sabri called for the necessity of popular movement against the Israeli enemy in conjunction with the centenary of the declaration of the Mandate for Palestine, this happened during a political seminar in Damascus.

He stressed the importance of the popular economic boycott of the Israeli enemy and the countries supporting it, primarily Britain and the United States.

Ambassador Sabri said: “The conspiracy was and still is a great against the Arab nation and its territorial integrity, not only targeting Palestine, so the Palestinian issue is an Arab issue and responsibility par excellence.”

Sabri confirmed that the choice of resistance and armed struggle is the right choice to obtain usurped rights, calling on Arab peoples, organizations and parties that believe in the resistance line to take effective action in this context.

تليقرام انصار الله
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