General Staff Chief meets Chairman, members of National Military Committee

Chief of General Staff Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Ghumari met on Sunday with the chairman and members of the National Military Committee designated to monitor the violations of the UN truce and opening roads.

At the meeting, which was attended by the commander of the Fifth Military Region Major General Yusuf al-Madani, Head of the National Military Committee Major General Yahya al-Razzami reviewed the results of the talks held in Amman, Jordan, and the proposals made by the United Nations representative.

He also talked about the organizational structure of the Joint Operations Room, which is charged with monitoring violations on various fronts.

In the meeting, General Al-Ghumari confirmed the commitment to the terms of the UN truce as agreed upon, while the countries of the aggression continue to deal with the terms of the truce selectively, stressing that the continued flights and airstrikes of the aggression represents a real threat to the truce.

“Our hands are always open for a just and honourable peace,” he said. “The enemy must realize that our armed forces today, are stronger, more powerful and more equipped, and we have strategic deterrence weapons that will surprise everyone with.”

Al-Ghumari touched on the initiative submitted by the national military committee on opening three roads to Taiz province to alleviate some of the suffering of citizens. He said that the initiative proves our commitment to make real and serious steps, calling on the other side to address it positively to prove its keenness to alleviate the suffering of the people of Taiz.

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