President Putin: the time of American hegemony is over!

Last Friday, during the activities of the 25th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched several important positions in this sensitive period globally, which we can summarize with the phrase “the time of American hegemony is over.”

During his first attendance at an event of a broad international nature since the outbreak of the military operation in Ukraine, President Putin stressed that the world is no longer the same, and that “the time of American hegemony is over,” stressing in his speech, which most of it was directed at the countries and peoples of the Western camp. Putin’s speech was delayed by about an hour, due to the forum’s organizers facing a strong cyber attack on the forum’s platform.

President Putin spoke about the global strategic repercussions of the military operation of the Russian forces in Ukraine, and these are the most prominent points:

The failure of attempts to isolate Russia, and the collapse of the illusions of geopolitical control of the United States of America over the world, stressing that it is no longer possible to ignore the interests of the new centers of power in the world.

Outdated geopolitical illusions have undermined confidence in global currencies (in reference to the dollar and the euro).

_ The world is no longer what it was before the start of the operation. Washington, after declaring itself the victorious party in the Cold War, assumed that its interests were sacred, so things went in one direction, and instability increased in the world.

The European Union has completely lost its sovereignty, as it is essentially subject to external dictates. He described the democratic processes taking place in the EU are similar to circus games, considering that the direct result of the actions of European politicians will further exacerbate inequality in their countries, which will divide their societies even more. He expected the change of those in power in Europe, after the exacerbation of problems of social justice and the division of society due to the mistakes of the economy, through the escalation of radicalism, and in the future changing the ruling elites.

_ Regarding the operation in Ukraine, he said that the decision to launch it was difficult, but it was inevitable, pointing out that the West was militarily controlling Ukraine, and pumping weapons there as it is doing now. Emphasizing that all objectives of the operation will be achieved.

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